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Account Registration

We require that all accounts be filled with valid information. Improper/invalid account information may lead to delays in order processing, and any account created with blatantly false or incomplete information will be deleted without notice.

All new accounts are given 'Pending Review' status upon creation. Pending accounts are susceptible to delays in ordering, as account information must be validated before the order is accepted. To expedite this process, clients may open a Support Ticket requesting review of their account. These requests will be answered within two business days. Any 'Pending Review' account older than 7 days with no active services or tickets will be automatically deleted from the system.

You can register here:

First/Last Name

Clients must provide their full legal First and Last (family/surname) name. Registering an account under any name other than your own is prohibited, and the account will be deleted. The First and Last name on the account MUST match the name on the payment method used for services rendered.

Email Address

Clients must provide their valid email address. Email addresses such as buyvm_vps@<> are not accepted, and will result in account deletion. Email addresses such as buyvm+vps@<owned.domain.tld> are acceptable so long as the domain's owner information is not hidden, and no other accounts are registered with an email from the owned domain.

Address1 / Address2, City, State/Region, Postal Code

Clients should enter their current residential address in these fields. If you are unsure how to translate your address into English standard, simply input the address in the appropriate language, and we will convert if necessary. If your billing address differs from your residential address, please open a Support Ticket to the Billing department requesting to have your billing address appended to your account.

* We do not accept non-residential addresses without prior authorization from the Billing department under any circumstance


Frantech Solutions is a Canadian company, and Canada is the default country on this form. Please be sure to change this to your correct country of residence, as failure to do so will result in delays in order processing.

Phone Number

Supplying your phone number is optional, and used ONLY for identification purposes should you be locked out of your account. We will never send you postal mail or call you unless explicitly requested by the client.

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