Reporting Network Abuse

If you have evidence of abuse coming from or illegal content hosted on IP address space owned and operated by Frantech Solutions under Autonomous System 53667 (AS53667), you are encouraged to report this abuse to the Frantech Abuse department via email to abuse <at> frantech <dot> ca with evidence including the following:

  • Date and time (in UTC if possible) of the incident
  • The offending IP address
  • Description of the abuse, or description of the content hosted (if DMCA or illegal content)
  • Any URLs linking to the hosted content (if DMCA or illegal content)
  • Server logs (if available) showing the abuse

Please note that not all abuse reports will be responded to and/or actioned upon depending on:

  • The legitimacy and validity of the report
  • Whether the activity came from a Tor Exit Node (you can find if the IP is hosting an exit node here).