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===== Frantech/BuyVM Wiki ===== **//A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone. ~Jo Godwin//** Welcome to the Frantech/BuyVM knowledge base. ==== Table of contents ==== ^ Page ^ Description ^ | [[account_registration|Account Registration]] | Guidelines for your initial account creation | | [[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]] | Questions we get asked way too often | | [[gre_tunnel|GRE tunnelling your filtered IP]] | A guide to bring our DDoS filtering to another location | | [[ids|Intrusion Detection System]] | An overview of our Intrusion Detection System | | [[sharedsql|Offloaded SQL]] | An overview of our offloaded database server services | | [[openvz_vs_kvm|OpenVZ vs KVM]] | An overview of which platform is best for your needs | | [[kvm|KVM]] | A step-by-step guide to using our KVM platform | | [[migrate_openvz|Migrating OpenVZ ]] | A guide to migrate an OpenVZ based VPS to us using RSYNC | | [[vpn|VPN]] | An overview of supported VPN platforms | | [[public_keys|Public RSA Keys]] | SSH keys of staff members incase you ever need their help | | [[irc:main|IRC Community]] | Details on accessing our community IRC channel | | [[corp:about_us|About Us]] | Contact & community information | Can't find the information you're looking for, have a suggestion or a contribution? Submit a [[| support ticket]] to the Wiki/Resources department, and we'll see about getting the information added.

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