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===== Frantech/BuyVM Wiki ===== **//A truly great library contains something in it to offend everyone. ~Jo Godwin//** Welcome to the Frantech/BuyVM knowledge base. Here you will find articles on many topics associated with our services, including our Terms of Service, Acceptable Usage Policy, and information concerning stock and our community. This database is ever-growing, with material being added and updated daily. Can't find the information you're looking for, have a suggestion or a contribution? Submit a Support Ticket to the Wiki/Resources Department, and we'll see about getting the information added. ==== Table of contents ==== ^ Page ^ Description ^ | [[account_registration|Account Registration]] | Guidelines for your initial account creation | | [[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]] | Questions we get asked way too often | | [[gre_tunnel|GRE tunnelling your filtered IP]] | A guide to bring our DDoS filtering to another location | | [[ids|Intrusion Detection System]] | An overview of our Intrusion Detection System | | [[sharedsql|Offloaded SQL]] | An overview of our offloaded database server services | | [[openvz_vs_kvm|OpenVZ vs KVM]] | An overview of which platform is best for your needs | | [[kvm|KVM]] | A step-by-step guide to using our KVM platform | | [[migrate_openvz|Migrating OpenVZ ]] | A guide to migrate an OpenVZ based VPS to us using RSYNC | | [[vpn|VPN]] | An overview of supported VPN platforms | | [[public_keys|Public RSA Keys]] | SSH keys of staff members incase you ever need their help |

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