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Frequently Asked Plan Questions

OpenVZ based plans

What templates are available?

Please see a list of all available templates at

Do you use vSwap on your plans?

As of June 2013 all OpenVZ plans support vSwap.

All virtual servers have been retroactively updated to have a 1:1 ratio for memory:vswap.

Can I use IPSEC on OpenVZ?

Yes. Please see our guide located at ipsec

Do I have to reinstall my VPS when I upgrade/downgrade?

Upgrades as well as downgrades are transparent, no data is modified and no reboot is necessary to adjust resources.

Can you please enable TUN/TAP/PPP/GRE/IPIP

PPP/TUN/TAP is enabled upon provisioning.

Will you enable xxx module for IPtables?

Chances are another client already requested a common module and it has already been enabled globally. If you find one that we're missing just open a support ticket.

KVM based plans

What makes KVM better than OpenVZ?

KVM isn't always better, it simply gives a lot more control to the end user. You're given complete control of your kernel, allowing you to encrypt your filesystem, install a custom kernel and many other useful things like that.

You're able to install FreeBSD, Windows, as well as all versions of Linux available.

Why are KVM based VM's more expensive?

Unlike OpenVZ based VPSes, even idle KVM's have a running overhead of a few % of CPU. With this, we're restricted in how many we can allocate to a node.

Can I buy more space for my KVM?

Our KVM nodes are built smaller than our OpenVZ nodes so spare space is at a premium. If you feel you're going to need a lot of space, you should look into our storage focused KVM plans.

What Operating Systems are available?

You can see an active list of all available ISO's at

Can we upload additional ISO's?

The current version of our panel doesn't allow users to do this on their own.

With that being said, you're welcome to ticket us requesting an ISO (include a link if possible too!) and we'll pull it into our system within 24 hours. Most imports get done within a couple hours.

Why are my network speeds slower than OpenVZ?

The power clients have over their KVM also involves the network interface, for optimal network performance please switch your NIC to virtio. The default realtek NIC (required for windows initially) is the poorest performing and has a technological cap of 100mbit.

KVM Storage based plans

Are these 'storage only' plans?

Nope. These are straight VPS servers with very large space allocations.

What restrictions apply to my plan?

You're restricted to abide by our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy.

Other than that, treat it as a regular KVM VPS.

You sure?


Is Windows 2003 included?

Short answer: Yep.

Long answer: As mentioned, if it's available on our KVM plans, it's available on our storage plans.

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