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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your uptime policy?

We guarantee our network, power & services will be available, at minimum, for 99,9% of a given month.

Some exceptions to this policy are:

  • Scheduled maintenance windows, announced 24 hours in advance
  • Upgrades ordered for your service
  • Suspension of service
  • Errors caused by the account holder

If we fail to meet this guarantee, any account holder in good standing is welcome to request a credit within one week of the outage.

What am I allowed to host?

Anything not restricted in our Acceptable Usage Policy is permitted. If you have a question, feel free to submit a Support Ticket.

What are your business hours?

Our business hours are 0700h-1900h PST (GMT-8), Monday through Friday.

How long does setup take?

Unfortunately, automated setup is not possible due to the sheer volume of orders we receive when stock is placed. Typical setup time during Business Hours is within 1-3 hours. New Accounts may take up to 24 hours due to fraud checks and auditing. Orders placed over a weekend will be activated the following Monday if no staff members are available over the weekend hours.

Can I upgrade my plan?

All products may be upgraded via the My Services page of the client portal. Upgrades/Downgrades are not automated to ensure accuracy, and have the same processing time as mentioned above.

Please note that due to issues you may not downgrade your KVM Slice (ex: Downgrading from 1024 to 512MB) as this may cause issues with your KVM Slice. If you want to downgrade we suggest cancelling and re-ordering.

Can I change my OS?

All KVM Slices services may be reinstalled at any time through the Stallion Control Panel.

Do you support Windows?

All KVM's support Microsoft Windows, but not all support both Windows 2003 & Windows 2008. Please see the below table for guidelines

Memory guidelines
Plan Notes
KVM 1024MB Windows 2012
KVM 2048MB Windows 2012

We include the Windows Server 2012 license for free.

Note: You cannot run Windows on a 512MB KVM Slice and you can only run Linux on it. Windows needs 1024 or higher.

Do you provide DDoS protection?

Yes. For a break down of cost and features please click here.

How does billing work?

All services are pro-rated to the first of the month. Any order placed after the 20th will be charged the remainder of the current month as well as the following month. Invoices for monthly services are issued 10 days in advance of the due date; annual services are invoiced 15 days in advance.

Are you managed?

All services are completely unmanaged. With that being said, we will occasionally assist with minor problems or point you in the right direction if we have free time. You can also take part in our Community Chat to seek help from knowledgeable members of the community.

Do you provide backups?

We provide automatic backups starting at $0.50 per month.

My account was deleted?

We do expect clients to read and follow our guidelines when signing up and purchasing services with us. Due to the limited availability of stock, we will refund and remove accounts that are in blatant violation of our TOS/Account Policies, including the following infractions:

  • Blatantly false or incomplete name/address given
  • Signup/Order placed from a VPN/Proxy or other non-residential ISP
  • Attempts to pay with a PayPal Account or Credit/Debit card not in your name
  • Multiple Accounts, Sharing Accounts

If your account was deleted, and you feel you did not fit any of the above criteria, feel free to open a Support Ticket. Please be sure to include information relevant to the prior account (Name, Address, Email, etc) as reference.