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====== DDOS Protection ====== ===== What does this service do? ===== This addon provides you with an affordable source of [[|Denial Of Service]] protection. If you don't know what this is, nor have you been sent an email regarding a nullroute being applied against your IP, it's unlikely you need this :) ===== How much does it cost ? ===== Protected IP addresses cost $3.00/month per IP address in all locations we operate. ===== How much filtering is provided? ===== We provide over 140 million packets-per-second of filtering or over 100gbit/sec for volumetric floods. This amount of protection is **not** dedicated to you but is a pool all protected users share from in each location. ===== What types of floods does it protect against? ===== Here is an exhaustive list of floods that our filtering helps protect against: * TCP SYN + ACK * TCP FIN * TCP RESET * TCP ACK * TCP ACK + PSH * TCP Fragment * TCP (SYN, etc.), ICMP, UDP Floods * HTTP URL GET/POST Floods * Malformed HTTP Header Attacks * Slow-HTTP Request Attacks * SYN Floods Against SSL Protocols * Malfromed SSL Attacks * SSL Renegotiation Attacks * SSL Exhaustion (Single Source/Distributed Source) * DNS Cache Poising Attacks * DNS Request Flood * SIP Request Floods * IGMP * Brute Force * Connection Flood * Spoofing / Non-Spoofed * Mixed SYN + UDP or ICMP + UDP flood * Ping of Death * Smurf * Reflected ICMP and UDP * Teardrop * Botnets * Blackenergy, Darkness, YoYoDDoS, etc * Common DoS/DDoS Tools * Slowloris/Pyloris, Pucodex, Sockstress, ApacheKiller * Voluntary Botnets * HOIC, LOIC, Etc * Application Attacks * Zero-day DDoS attacks * DDoS attacks targeting Apache, Windows, or OpenBSD vulnerabilities As well as many others. Some protection may require a ticket to be enabled, namely some of the HTTP layer 7 protection. In some cases we can get custom rules put in place to help, so be sure to let us know if you see a flood passing through. ===== What extra features do you include? ===== You can configure your DDOS protection to your preferred mode within Stallion: {{:ddos1.png?400|}} {{:ddos2.png?400|}} In "sensing mode", no filters/blocks are put in place until a DDOS attack is detected. Be aware that this mode isn't perfect and leaks can happen. When a flood is detected, or if you use "always on" mode, the following ACL's are enforced: {{:voxacl.png|}} These ACL's are for the most part set in stone. We can request for ports to be opened but there is no guarantee. ===== Is there an SLA? ===== Our filtering carries a 99.9% uptime SLA. This SLA does not cover users getting application layer floods. ===== Where can I order a DDOS protected IP address? ===== While at checkout, or on the product upgrade page, simply enter how many protected IP addresses you want in the 'DDOS protection' field. ===== How long do I have to wait to be activated? ===== DDOS protected IP's are automatically bound at order time. Ordering them at any other time will take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours depending on the time of day. ===== Where can I find my protected IP address once I've been provisioned? ===== You can find your IP address listed in [[|Stallion]]. {{ :ddosip.png?nolink |}} ===== What services will you not protect? ===== Please abide by our [[|Terms of Service]] and [[|Acceptable Use Policy]] for a list of applications allowed on our network. TL;DR Camfrog is fine.

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