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====== DDOS Protection ====== ===== What does this service do? ===== This addon provides you with an affordable source of [[|Denial Of Service]] protection. If you don't know what this is, nor have you been sent an email regarding a nullroute being applied against your IP, it's unlikely you need this :) ===== How much does it cost ? ===== Protected IP addresses cost $3.00/month per IP address in Las Vegas and $4.00/month per IP address in Buffalo. **Filtering is not yet available in Buffalo but is expected to be available sometime in September 2013**. ===== How much filtering is provided? ===== We provide up to 2,000,000 packets-per-second of filtering for TCP based floods and 10Gbit/sec on UDP floods. This amount of protection is **not** dedicated to you but is a pool all protected users share from in each location. ===== What types of floods does it protect against? ===== Our filtering handles spoofed SYN floods, ACK floods, fragmented packet floods, & UDP floods with ease. There is basic HTTP filtering that can help handle R-U-DEAD-YET? and slowloris floods. This type of protection isn't garanteed and is offered on a best effort basis. If you're suffering from an HTTP flood you can contact support and we'll do our best to add additional localized filtering as well as guide you on how to tune your webserver. Please also be aware that our filtering is aimed at protecting **TCP** based services at this time. When a UDP flood is targetted at your IP, **all** UDP traffic will be temporarily **blocked** upstream to assist with the flood. This isn't an issue for most people but can cause issues for users running some Steam based games (TF2, CS, CS:S, etc) as well as VOIP applications (Ventrilo, Teamspeak, etc). We expect the issues with VOIP & steam games to be addressed in our Buffalo location once it's available. ===== Is there an SLA? ===== Our filtering carries a 99.9% uptime SLA. This SLA does not cover users getting application layer floods or floods that far exceed the above specifications (read: Don't expect credit just because you got a 20gbit/sec+ flood). ===== Where can I order a DDOS protected IP address? ===== While at checkout, or on the product upgrade page, simply enter how many protected IP addresses you want in the 'Aegis DDOS protection' field. ===== How long do I have to wait to be activated? ===== DDOS protected IP's are automatically bound at order time. Ordering them at any other time will take anywhere from 5 minutes to a few hours depending on the time of day. ===== Where can I find my protected IP address once I've been provisioned? ===== You can find your IP address listed in [[|Stallion]]. {{ :ddosip.png?nolink |}} ===== What services will you not protect? ===== At this time the only ban in place is against **camfrog**. Past this please consult our [[|Terms of Service]] and [[|Acceptable Use Policy]].

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