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About Us

Methods of Contact

Ticket System

All inquiries, questions, and support requests related to our services should be made via our Billing Portal.


please note that we only provide support through the Ticket System

  • - Official Listed Contact, Abuse Reports
  • - Pre-Sales, Billing/Policy Inquiry

Information Mediums

Official Announcements

Latest news regarding issues impacting our network, service, or policies can be found on our Announcements page.

IRC Community

Our IRC Community resides on the daIRC network, and provides community interaction and unofficial support with our IRC Team and other clients, as well as up-to-date information on anything going on. Please see our IRC Wiki Entry for more information on how to join in.


Our Official Twitter (@FrantechCA) is an ideal method of keeping up with any current events, and is our primary information outlet in the event of any networking issue that takes our Announcements offline.


We maintain an automated Facebook Page that reposts from our Twitter account, allowing community commentary and discussion. While Staff Members do not actively post new material on this page, we do frequently monitor and respond to comments made.

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